Quality furnishings and amenities, designed with your comfort in mind


About The Clinton Inn

Early settlers came to Clinton from New York state and named the village after their state governor, Dewitt Clinton. The site of the Clinton Inn was first settled by Alpheiud Kies, who built a log house. After several changes in ownership, Alonzo Clark, 1816-1911, built the present 3-story brick hotel. It officially opened its doors on Thanksgiving day in 1901. Originally the building featured about 35 guest rooms, a ballroom, and a drummers room - a traveling salesman's place to display his wares. As indoor plumbing was introduced, the original rooms were converted into apartments, then in the mid-1980s the second floor was converted back into hotel rooms, leaving four apartments on the third floor.

The Huffaker Family purchased The Clinton Inn in June of 2019. While the entire property was in quite a state of disrepair at the time of purchase, we are working diligently to bring the hotel back to life and turn it into a unique and memorable destination. We're continuously improving things, and now have three (3) rooms available to rent on a nightly basis. 


Here are some fantastic things we offer to make your stay with us more comfortable. 

  • Our rooms are all clean and comfortable. We're a non-smoking hotel throughout and do not have any weird smells or odors.
  • We've replaced all beds, mattresses, linens, pillows, and towels in all of our rooms, and hope this will make your stay pleasant and comfortable.
  • All rooms feature King sized beds that are super comfortable. 
  • We have Roku Smart TV's in all of the rooms. All TV's are connected to the WIFI and have digital streaming capabilities. We provide a Netflix account for your use, and you can access whatever other streaming services are available. 
  • We have free high-speed WIFI available in all of the rooms. 
  • Our water pressure is awesome.
  • The Clinton Coffeehouse is on the first floor by the lobby.  (May be open seasonally) for more info.
  • We're super close to the Irish Hills, Michigan International Speedway, and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. If you're planning on being anywhere in Adrian, Tecumseh, Clinton, Saline, Manchester, and the Irish Hills, The Clinton Inn is a great central location close to where you need to be. 
  • Distances to various locations: 6 miles to Manchester. 5 miles to Tecumseh. 12 miles to Saline. 19 miles to U of M Stadium in Ann Arbor. 15 miles to Michigan International Speedway. 15 miles to Adrian. 17 miles to Chelsea. 48 miles to Toledo, OH.  36 miles from the Detroit Metro Airport (DTW).

Our Featured Rooms

Our hotel rooms showcase the rich history and boutique style of the Clinton Inn. Completed in 1901, the historical hotel has been modified and changed in many different ways over the years. As new owners of the Clinton Inn, the Huffaker Family intends to maintain the charm and unique style of each room while updating the amenities to modern-day standards. In each of our rooms, you will find unique furniture and decor in each room that helps keep the building true to its history.

Hotel Policies / House Rules

A complete list of all of our house rules and policies can be found at The following is a summary of the highlights:

  • Check-in: 3:00 pm / Check-out: 11:00 am
  • Cancellation Policy: 72 Hours Advance Notice
  • Pet Policy: No Pets Allowed except registered Service Animals
  • No Smoking:  Michigan State Law prohibits smoking in a Hotel, Restaurant, or other public places. 


Considerations For Your Stay

The Clinton Inn is not for everyone. Please consider the following before renting a room from us. We prefer to set the proper expectations beforehand so you don't have any unrealistic expectations of the Clinton Inn. 

  • We do not staff a front desk 24x7. It's just not economical due to our size. We offer check-in service between 3 pm and 5 pm on the day of your arrival. If you are not able to make it between those hours, we have a simple self-service late check-in procedure that will be provided to you once you have booked a room with us. 
  • The Clinton Inn is older than you are.  It was built in 1901 and as such, this is reflected in the architecture of the building.  The plumbing and electrical systems are old and delicate. We've updated and improved things as we are able to, but there are some structural limitations that make it difficult to make "new" without tearing apart the entire building. Yes, we have good water pressure, and the water is hot when you need it to be. Pipes are visible throughout the building, and it's just how things were done back when the hotel was retrofitted with indoor plumbing. With this comes a few nuances that may be different than what you might expect. For example, some of the drains may be a little slow, and some of the water lines are very old and may occasionally spit out some black specs or slightly discolored water.
  • The hotel does not have an elevator.  All of the available rooms are on the 2nd floor.  We have two staircases, one in the front and one in the back of the hotel.  The front staircase has 24 steps (12 steps, a small landing, and 12 more steps).  The rear staircase has 22 steps, and they are steeper than the front staircase.  If you have difficulty with stairs, we may not be the hotel for you.
  • We're a boutique, historical hotel. If you're the type of person that needs everything to be new and perfect, we're not for you. We prefer customers that come for the experience of staying in a historical hotel, and who appreciate the nostalgia of the building and accommodations.  We like to think of the hotel as "Perfectly Imperfect".  If you need everything to be new and shiny, you're better off finding a big chain hotel to stay at.